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Q: How and when will I be paid?

Member commissions shall be paid by company check or Paypal.com. A limited number of international members can elect to receive payment by e-gold.com. Payments are processed monthly. Please allow up to 45 days from date of payout before receiving payment. Member commissions must exceed $50 in order to receive payment. Commissions earned during any month less than $50 will be carried over into the following month.  To request payout after your account reaches the minimum payout amount, email Webmaster@Cashmoneyemail.com

Q: How many paid-to-read e-mails will I receive?

The actual number of paid to read emails that you will receive is impossible to determine. The number of emails is based on your selected categories and the number of advertisers that can be matched to your categories of interest.

Q: How do the 'Paid with Points' email advertisements work?

Our 2nd and most popular form of e-mail advertisement you can receive is a point email ad. You earn 2 points for reading the ad and 1 point for the ads read by your referrals. Every 30 days points are giving a cash value and added to your account balance. The cash value is based of the results of the point email advertisements. Current value of the points is posted in the members area.

Q: Is there any type of cost associated with being a member?

There is absolutely no cost to join. We pay you!

Q: How can I take part in your multi-level referral pay program?

Upon joining our program you will receive a unique referral link that you can send to your friends and family. When they click on your referral link and join Cash Money Email they will be placed in your referral group. To view your referral group simply click the members link.

Q: What do I do if I have lost my referral link? Or if I have lost my password and user ID?

Easy! Just click the link to the left that says Members Area. Then enter your e-mail address under where it says Forgot or lost information. Then check your e-mail. Our system will immediately email your requested information.

Q: How will I know that people have joined my Cash Money Email referral group?

You will receive an email from us letting you know that someone has joined your referral group. You can also at any time simply visit the members area. There is a link on the left hand side of your screen that says Members Area. Click the link and enter your user name and password. Then simply click view stats. That is all there is to it! From the members area you can update your selected interest categories, view your account balance and update your account.

Q: What if my email address changes?

Just log into the members area and edit your profile.

Q: What if my mailing address changes?

Just log into the members area and click add address.

Q: My family uses the same computer can we each have a membership?

Sure! The only requirement is that each member have their own unique e-mail address. We do track IP address but this is to assist us in tracking cheaters.

Q: Do you have a privacy policy? Will others see my information?

Insuring your privacy is a TOP PRIORITY with Cash Money Email. Your information will never be sold, rented, or other wise distributed in any way to an outside party. Cash Money Email understand that privacy if very important to you. The use of all information gathered by Cash Money Email is used for internal use only. The information collect includes a members name, address, and up to 10 categories of interest. This information is required in order to join our program. The use of this information is limited to making payment of earned commissions to the proper mailing address, and accurately matching your selected interest with our advertises. At no time will Cash Money Email share, distribute, or sell your information to any third party. To view any and all information we have on you at any time please visit and log into our members area with your unique user name and password. You can make changes to any of the information you have giving Cash Money Email at anytime by visiting the members area and logging into your account. Cash Money Email doesn't use cookies. In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Members must be at least 13 years old to participate in our program.

Q: How long does it take for the 'Paid-to-Signup' offers to credit to my account?

Takes approximately 45 to 60 days for your account to be credited for any of our 'Paid-to-Sign' offers you signed up for.

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