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Would you like to get paid for reading email advertisements? Would you like to earn money for signing up for exciting offers?

Sound easy? Well it is! Cash Money Email will pay you to receive and read email advertisements related to your selected interest. We will also pay you Cash Back for purchasing, joining requesting more information related to your selected interest.

You tell us what your interested in and we will match your interests with email advertisement offers from our advertising partners. When you join Cash Money Email you select up to 10 out of 52 areas of interest. We will then match your selected interests with our online advertising partners.

You earn money for receiving and reading email advertisements we send you. Creating a true profit position for you and our advertising partners.

Cash Money Email sends to two types of paid to read email advertisements. Our standard paid to read email advertisements pay our subscribers $.02 per email read. The 2nd type of paid email advertisement is called a point email ad. Subscribers earn points for reading these selected email advertisements. The points are totaled, assigned a value and exchanged for cash value at the end of each month.

Introduce Cash Money Email to others and earn even more money! Let the efforts of others make you some serious money. As our way of saying thank you for sharing our company with others we will pay you $.01 for every piece of email your referrals receive and read for as long as they are a member. You will also earn % of the cash value for all the point email advertisements they read.

With Cash Money Email pennies can quickly become dollars! We hope you decide to subscriber to our program. If you join today we will credit your account with $10! So subscribe today.

Join today and receive a FREE $10 start-up bonus!

International members are welcome!

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