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The following are the terms and conditions for participating as a member of Cash Money Email. We reserve the right to change and/or modify this agreement at anytime.

1. Member commissions shall be paid by monthly by company check or paypal.com. Please allow 45 days from the date of payout to receive payment.

2. Member commissions must exceed $100 in order to receive a commission check during a quarter. Commissions earned that are less than $100 will be carried over into the next quarter.

3. You must have a valid e-mail address and be subscribed to our mailing list at all times.

4. You must click the website link included in paid e-mails to earn credit for reading the e-mail advertisement.

5. Members must be considered active members in order to earn commissions on referrals.

6. As a member you may receive as many as 5 e-mails a day.

7. You must be 18 years of age or older to join Cash Money Email.

8. No Spam! Anyone reported for Spam will be removed from the program and forfeit all unpaid commissions.

9. Your right to privacy is very important to Cash Money Email. Your personal information will never sold or distributed to outside parties.

10. International members are welcome. International members are paid by company check. International members can receive payment by paypal.com if avaiable in their country.

11. No assurance can be given that the company, Cash Money Email, shall decide to initiate, or be successful in completing the initial phase of advertisements sales. If the company, Cash Money Email, does not successfully complete the initial phase, no referral bonuses, or payments of any kind, shall be due or payable from Cash Money Email, and subscribers shall have no rights to any referral bonuses, or payments of any kind, from Cash Money Email.

12. No member may have more than one account. 2 accounts per house hold is the limit. Each account must have a individual email address.

13. Cash Money Email will manage and track all referrals under this program and shall have the final word in any disputes regarding referrals.

14. There is no cost associated with member with Cash Money Email. No guarantee of payment is made between Cash Money Email and its members. Cash Money Email makes member commission payments based of current and future advertising revenue. Commissions are directly related to the advertising revenue generated by Cash Money Email.

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